About MGifts

The Reason Behind MGifts

Meaningful Gifts was born one “Motsei Shabbat” with the thought that every Shabbat across the Jewish world friends and family are giving and receiving generous and thoughtful gifts in return for hospitality.                                                                                                                                            The aim of Meaningful gifts is to offer an easy, lasting, affordable and more meaningful alternative to the fine wine, chocolates or stylish household accessories.

Ever conscious of the difficult economic climate, donations through MGifts.org start at $5 to a choice of charities.

Every charity you see on the MGifts.org website believes in this project and has given its full support.

Each donation you make is processed directly into the specified charity’s account; therefore MGifts.org does not touch any transaction. We won’t see your credit card details and we won’t put you on any unwanted mailing list.

The process is simple and efficient. Just 4 easy steps!

  • 1st Select the occasion of your donation
  • 2nd Select the country where your charity of choice resides
  • 3rd Select your charity
  • 4th Make your meaningful donation
Please note that majority of charities on Mgifts give a US tax receipt, except South Africa which give a South African tax receipt and Zichron Menachem (Israel) who give an Israeli tax receipt

As soon as the button “Confirm Donation” has been clicked, the donor will receive 2 emails acknowledging his gift, 1 from Mgifts and the other will from the charity they selected. The recipient will receive an email from your email address entered that a Donation has been made in honor of “purpose” to the “charity of choice” by the donor. ( This will prevent the email going to SPAM)

Tizku Le’Mitzvot

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